What You Should Know About Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers

Reverse osmosis water purifiers were designed long ago for removing salt from sea water or basic desalination. It did a great job and was commended for it. The reverse osmosis system was again called upon after by the printing industry, as it needed clean de-mineralized water for its machines.

In both of the above applications it worked very well. However, how can a reverse osmosis system designed for industries just naturally turn to home use? This problem is not the fault of the technology. It’s just an incorrect application of the technology and basically, a big mistake.

The reverse osmosis water purifiers do such a good job that they have filtered all the minerals out of our water. But wait a minute, we needed those minerals! The reverse osmosis system removed what we needed in our water and replaced it with something else.

The reverse osmosis water purifiers take 4 gallons of water and convert it to 1 gallon of purified water. In the process it casts out 3 gallons. How can a system like that be afforded? The reverse osmosis system cannot keep doing that and be very popular. Imagine the amount of waste.

Additionally, it would take a long time to filter a little water. Three or four hours is required to filter and clean 1 gallon. The reverse osmosis water purifiers take such a long time. How can a filter survive when it has such a record? A reverse osmosis system is not an answer to home water filtration.

It takes out all of those minerals, but there are some things that it cannot take out. Herbicides, pesticides and chlorine are purificadora de agua costos some of them. No matter how hard it tries reverse osmosis water purifiers cannot remove those chemicals. That is because the chemicals are lighter than the water and anything lighter than water is left in.

To reach something close to what reverse osmosis water purifiers produce, you would have to take some distilled bottled water, then add some pesticides and chlorine. They have the gall to call that purified water. It is a cocktail of things we do not need. The reverse osmosis system is the opposite of what would be termed a good filter.

The reverse osmosis system was designed for a purpose different to what it is being used for. The reverse osmosis water purifiers are not at fault. You cannot take a commercial filter and expect it to work as a home system.

We know now why the reverse osmosis system does not work in the home environment. Salesmen and manufacturers would like for us to believe the technology is far advanced, when in fact it is old technology. Today’s in-home water purifiers are far superior. The reverse osmosis water purifiers stand out as an example that just because something has an industrial application does not mean it will work at home.

The reverse osmosis system was very popular when it was built, for the technology did the job that it was built to do and it did it very well. But slowly people are finding out how inadequate reverse osmosis water purifiers really are. There are far better systems on the market.


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